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What LaVeldreaux didn't know was that he was not really an Earthling at all. He was Human, yes… but not from Earth. LaVeldreaux was a genetically engineered organism created by a race of Aliens who routinely manufacture men and send them to Earth, a practice they have carried on quite successfully for many centuries. The most brilliant scientists from this Alien culture have been tasked by their political leadership with formulating a complete understanding the true essence of life, one of the very few pieces of fundamental knowledge about the universe this highly advanced civilization has not yet entirely mastered. Most of our culture, religion, and technology comes directly from them via these genetically engineered individuals programmed to manipulate history in predetermined ways. A handful of these individuals such as Plato, Christ, and more recently Adolphe Sax have been responsible for fundamentally altering the course of Human history in ways essential to the Aliens’ plans.

The Alien beings are in no way supernatural, but they do far surpass us in scientific and philosophical knowledge. They are subject to making mistakes just as we are, and over the centuries during which they have been conducting this experiment, flaws have occasionally emerged, requiring direct intervention. By the end of the Eighteenth Century, Humans had stopped providing the committee with useful information. When this had happened before, figures like Moses and Buddha, designed to push Human history in a particular direction, had been created. By LaVeldreaux’s time, however, they had very nearly run out of ideas. Ultimately a young scientist called Bappsciliophuæga suggested a bold new approach:

"I've noticed that for eons you have plunged the depths of Human Nature, trying vainly to overcome the final obstacle to the essential truths that we seek. While you have done this, I have plunged the depths of Non-Human Nature. What I have found among them is equilibrium—a perfect balance with their environment. I believe that it is with this equilibrium that the answer to our question resides. I have therefore designed a plan to create a new subject and build for him a bridge into the animal world, so that he can be educated in their ways."

His plan was enacted, and LaVeldreaux was the result of his plan. They engineered an animal community that would be capable of revealing to LaVeldreaux the nature of his true self. The plan would be a complete success, and by the time of LaVeldreaux’s death in 1859, the true nature of life was completely understood.

Story by Wally Scharold
Adapted by Jarred McAdams


from VEHICLE, released May 26, 2009
Carolyn Walter - clarinet
Jamison Smeltz - alto sax
Rob Pumpelly - guitar
Wally Scharold - guitar
Nat Hawkes - bass
Dickie Ogden - drums
Matt Lebofsky - rhodes

Composed by Wally Scharold



all rights reserved


miRthkon Oakland

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