Coven of Coyotes

from by miRthkon

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"Salutations to LaVeldreaux," said Kleighroi. "How’d you know my name?" asked LaVeldreaux. "I didn’t know. Your name is written on your shirt," replied the Coyote. This surprised LaVeldreaux. "Oh! You can read?" "I can write," said Kleighroi, insulted by LaVeldreaux's condescension.

LaVeldreaux saw that his question had offended and tried to smooth things over as he tried to make some sense of his situation. "Let’s not fight," he said with a faint smile. Kleighroi's scowl softened and he too forced a diplomatic smile, saying, "Did not cross my mind." At a loss for what to say next, LaVeldreaux attempted to say something profound. "That’s good because aggression ain’t the way to go."

"Well it’s funny you should mention that because I am an expert," said Kleighroi. "Well then you must be the expert on aggression, and you are commonly known as Diggity Doggle," replied LaVeldreaux, increasingly disoriented by the Coyote's cryptic statements. Exasperated, Kleighroi said, "No, that is not my name, you really should just call me Kleighroi."

"Well, I’ll be goddamned!" exclaimed LaVeldreaux. "What?!" squeaked Kleighroi, startled. LaVeldreaux shrugged. "I don’t know."

They stood for some time in silence. LaVeldreaux, suddenly became aware that he was staring at Kleighroi and, not wanting to give offense a second time, averted his gaze. Kleighroi, however, had no such sense of propriety and continuted to stare quizzically at the man he had been waiting for for decades. Finally, he spoke. "You have no idea what any of this has to do with you!"

"Well I really must say that I don’t exactly know how I arrived here," LaVeldreaux admitted. "Let me tell you how!" said Kleighroi with increasing excitement. LaVeldreaux was suddenly seized with fear. "I don’t want to know!" he shouted. "You really need to know!" "Well, I don’t wanna know! I don’t need to know!"

Kleighroi came in close, his nose inches from Laveldreaux's, saying, "Then you’ll never understand what I’m supposed to tell you all about your present and your future and your past!" "I don’t want to hear anything about it now," said LaVeldreaux, desperately backing away. "Oh LaVeldreaux, you really should just listen to what I have to say," said Kleighroi in a tone intended to calm things down a bit, but LaVeldreax was having none of it. "Do you honestly expect me to listen to a dog?!"

"I AM COYOTE!!" Kleighroi howled in response. "Well it seems that this conversation is going nowhere," thought LaVeldreaux. "Well who is the animal and who's the human?" asked Kleighroi, thoroughly exasperated.

"We've argued a point yet I'm not sure what it was," answered LaVeldreaux, exasperated thoroughly. “I’d have to agree,” said Kleighroi, walking off toward the woods and beckoning for LaVeldreaux to follow.


from VEHICLE, released May 26, 2009
Carolyn Walter - tenor sax
Jamison Smeltz - alto sax
Rob Pumpelly - guitar
Wally Scharold - guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Nat Hawkes - bass
Matt Guggemos - drums

Danny Shorago - vocals

Words & Music by Wally Scharold
Lyrical narrative adaptation - Jarred McAdams



all rights reserved


miRthkon Oakland

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