(format) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

by miRthkon

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Nicolas RESSOT Sous ce titre mystérieux se cachent, en fait, des titres bien connus que l'on retrouve sur les albums précédents et d'autres qui seront sur le suivant (+ qqes inédits sans grand intérêt). Bref, jetez-vous plutôt sur Snack(s) ! Favorite track: Camelopardalis.
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Mostly all of the music heard in the film (format) by miRthkon.
And, also, some stuff not heard in the fim (format) by miRthkon, but directly related to mostly all of the music heard in the film (format) by miRthkon, therefore included in the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film (format) by miRthkon.


released November 12, 2012

Mixed & Produced by Wally Scharold
Mastered by Wally Scharold & Mark Stikman

© 2012 Flanorama, Inc.



all rights reserved


miRthkon Oakland

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Track Name: The Cascades
Earth will flow
And swallow
Families whole

Hell's Lahar
Scurries far
Statewide scar

Mountain high
Pukes at sky
All will die
Track Name: Coven of Coyotes
Salutations to LaVeldreaux!

How'd you know my name?

I didn't know, your name is written on your shirt.

OH! You can read?

I can write!

Let's not fight.

Did not cross my mind.

That's good because aggression ain't the way to go.

Well, it's funny you should mention that because I am an expert.

Well, then you must be an expert on aggression and you are commonly known as Diggity Doggle.

No, that is not my name. You really should just call me Kleighroi.

Well I'll be goddamned!


I don't know!

You have know idea what any of this has to do with you!

Well I really must say that I can't exactly say how I arrived here.

Let me tell you how!

I don't want to know!

You really need to know!

No! I don't want to know! I don't need to know!

Then you'll never understand what I'm supposed to tell you all about your present and your future and past!

I don't want to hear anything about it now.

Oh, LaVeldreaux! You really should just listen to what I have to say!

Do you honestly expect me to listen to a dog?!


Well it seems that this conversation is going nowhere.

Well who is the animal and who's the human?

We've argued a point yet I'm not sure what it was.

I'd have to agree...
Track Name: Honey Key Jamboree
Here's a story 'bout some
Bees who like to boogie
Make some room to get down
Up here on the honeycomb

All you have to do is
Face the sun to find your
Point of trajectory
Which leads you to all the fun

Honey's on the way
Behind the ray!
Boogie's here to stay
It's the hive mind way!

Buzza-buzza-buzza-buzz on my way
Gonna get to eat some honey today
Buzza-buzza-buzza-buzz on my way
Gonna get to meet some honeys today

Now that we have found our
Source of sticky goodness
All we have to do is
Fly back just the way we came

So the drones and workers
Pull out there old HOT PANTS!
Then they start-a groovin'
To show us the way back home

You know that only when I'm in control
That all the piece-a-puzzle
Will lock into place
But they don't take space!
What are they s'posed to be?
I'm just a test case!

So the honey bee
Dances on the tree
So we'll know how to
Find the pollen

Alright folks, we've reached that all too critical moment in the program where we expect YOU (the audience) to PARTICIPATE in the show that we've got going up here.

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed by now that this is a song about bees. And as we all know, bees live in hives and have a hive mind.

So here's what we're gonna do: we need you YOU (the audience) to join US (the band) to meld minds so that we can all sing together. Jarred's gonna display the lyrics and then I'm gonna sing them TWO TIMES after which you sing them FOUR TIMES with me. Here we go!

So the honey bee
Dances on the tree
So we'll know how to
Find the pollen!

So the honey bee
Dances on the tree
So we'll know how to


So the honey bee
Dances on the tree
So we'll know how to
Find the pollen!
Track Name: Banana
Well whatever you do don't forget to bring banana.
Whatever you do don't forget to bring a banana.
Don't forget to bring yourself a banana.
Banana. Banana.
This song is the pathetic example of my indulgent tendencies.
When I'm at home all alone in front of a computer with a microphone.
That's right. Yeah. Here we go.
Banana. Banana.
And now it's time to eat a real tasty treat.
And try not to slip, better watch your feet.
Banana. Banana. Banana.
Banana. Banana. Banana.
He's gotta banana, it looks like a gun.
The other bananas are on the run.
Run for the hills.
Track Name: Hapax Legomena
I can't believe in your frothy explanations
No absolutes to hang a hat on
While behind my brow simple integers reside
Please note irrationals don't lend themselves to numerology or
Fine alchemy or unified field theories interpreted concisely which
I disseminate mostly regarding how the world's about to end.

I am so allowed to wield my blazing torches
And swing these ropes up high in your bald trees
At least that's how I pictured the victorious revenge.

We listen to our nethers
Dark words slink up our spines
To ultimately nestle in the dark tissue of our cerebellum.

Which is why the core collapsed
You can't maintain momentum without swinging side to side
Like aftershocks
Like teetotaler to tibbler
Like chimp to son of god